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More on media bias

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Posted By John McHale

The past week whenever I watched CNN or Fox News election coverage all I heard was accusations flying that the media was biased toward Gov. Sarah Palin of Alaska, the Republican nominee for Vice President.

The republicans typically claim media bias during an election season mostly because it has benefited them at the polls. However, this time it was pretty blatant with even the mainstream press making an issue out of Palin’s pregnant teenage daughter, Bristol.

I thought it was revolting. It looked like desperation, when there was no need to be desperate.

Some of the claims made -- such as her cutting funding for special needs -- have been refuted. has a breakdown of the some of the false claims made against Palin, under the heading "Sliming Palin."

Just because some of these accusations have been proven false does not mean more won't pop up. However, I don't think all of them will be due to media bias.

As a colleague and I were saying this morning any journalist with a chance to interview her should be zealous in his attempts to debunk her credibility in foreign policy, energy policy, past decisions made as Governor of Alaska, etc.

If they do it respectfully with facts to back them up and leave her children alone it won't matter how many republicans shout liberal bias.

I personally hope Gov. Palin comes through looking even better than she does now, but I don't want to see her get a free pass either.

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Blogger DontTreadOnMe said...
I can not express how pissed I am at the bias media...

What they are doing...and claiming to be 'reporters' is sickening!
Tuesday, September 9, 2008 11:33:00 PM EDT  

Blogger Courtney said...
This post has been removed by the author.
Wednesday, September 10, 2008 12:31:00 PM EDT  

Blogger Courtney said...
Media bias has virtually always played a role in elections, in the U.S. and elsewhere, will always be. I was in college, taking a Propaganda & Persuasion class, when Bill Clinton was the focus of media bias; he was even cut out of photos so it would look like he wasn't in attendance at important events. Clearly he overcame the bias and attacks, as can any strong candidate.

Secondly, take a look at the following:

No media bias involved. Photos don’t lie. This is the best we've got for a VP candidate? I invite everyone to visit the Command Post online community at to comment.
Wednesday, September 10, 2008 1:22:00 PM EDT  

Blogger From the Command Post said...
Speaking of bias & irony...Did the author of this blog entry make Gov. Palin's photo large enough? Any bias there?
(Excerpted from the Command Post online community:
Thursday, September 11, 2008 2:42:00 PM EDT  

Blogger From the Command Post said...
Great stuff on the media, the election, and voting from Craig Ferguson, host of a late-night talk show and newly an American citizen:
Thursday, September 11, 2008 4:38:00 PM EDT  

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