Personal Branding Part 3

By now you have successfully completed the initial process of developing your own personal brand (branding 101; branding part 2). It is now time to focus on marketing your brand. The most effective way of marketing your brand is to establish your industry involvement and emphasize your expertise.  These two processes can be done in sequence or simultaneously.  Sometimes developing your expertise comes by way of your niche involvement.

Industry Involvement

Become a Member of Associations: If you are not already a member of industry associations, identify the most appropriate association(s) and sign up.  Not only can membership give you access to many knowledge tools, but also it can provide you another networking source.  Association sites usually have discussion threads that you can join in on as well.

Comment on Blogs: Look for blogs that are within your industry and area of expertise and begin commenting on them. Your responses should make a contribution to the topic and made with your brand in mind. 

Comment on Forums: There are thousands of forums on the web.  Get involved on discussion threads in your area of expertise. This gets your name out there, exhibits your openness to participate in conversations, your interest in the industry subject matter, and that you are able to assist with advice.  Demonstrate that you are involved and intelligent enough to participate in current dialogs, as well as answer people’s questions.

Emphasize your Expertise

Maintain a Blog: Writing your own blog demonstrates your interest in your niche and focuses on your expertise.  By providing thoughtful insight into a particular topic you will draw other interested people to you.  This interaction can create viral communication of your name and expertise, thus promoting your personal brand. 

Contribute to Other Blogs: Many bloggers enlist weekly guest blog contributions. Do some research on who else blogs in your area and even adjacent niches.  Reach out to these bloggers to let them know you are interested in guest blogging.

Create an ‘Ask an Expert’ Website: You could even incorporate this into your own personal brand website. Make sure to include links to this website on all your social media profiles.

Answer Questions Posted on Social Community Sites: Some of the areas you might start with include LinkedIn and Yahoo! Answers. Share your experience and expertise with others,; this is after all what they are looking for when they post questions.

Publish Article:  This one seems a little scarier at first. Once you get the hang of writing blogs, answering others questions, etc. you will get a little more comfortable and will generate some ideas for articles. 

The more you get your name out there and people become familiar with expertise the stronger your personal brand will become.  It is up to you to make it happen.  There may be some mistakes along the way, but you have to get out there and test things out in order to get your brand moving in the right direction.


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  2. Joe C says:

    Is there a link to the first two blogs in the series?

  3. Jeslyn says:

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