The Evolution of Video and the Job Search


Half the battle of applying to a job is getting noticed.  Especially in job markets such as the one we are in right now.  Just meeting the requirements for the job is not enough.  Getting noticed does not imply getting “gimmicky.”  Sending a plate of cookies with your resume underneath can actually help get you further away from the interview door.  In previous blogs, I have discussed the importance of tailoring your resume to your audience and creating a self brand.  These two tactics, if you commit to developing them thoroughly, can really boost the rate of response (of course you still have to be qualified for the job in the first place).  But as more and more people get the hang of building their brand by creating LinkedIn accounts and personal web pages, your ability to stand out from the crowd diminishes.  So what is the next evolution of marketing yourself?


As I was catching up on some things in the cyber world this weekend, something occurred to me….the use of video.  Video is fast becoming the main medium of all information.  You see it everywhere—you can catch your favorite TV show on hulu.com or go straight to the station website, and rather than read your news (because who has time for that anymore?) you can watch video clips online. 


So why not be on the leading edge of using video as a tool to market yourself?

Marketing yourself in a short video clip could increase the level of interest you receive from companies.  A video clip will showcase your technical prowess, and you will be able to communicate your finest attributes to your audience.  Something you cannot do with a resume.  Not even your work samples can speak as directly as you can through a video.  Think of it as a one-way mini interview. 


Companies are already increasing the amount of video interviews they conduct.  Marketing yourself for a job via video is one more step in the evolution of the visually oriented environment. Below are some suggestions for getting started.


  1. Practice.  Your video clip will be your new first impression so make it great.  Practice being in front of a camera, and practice what you are going to say.
  2. Dress to Impress.  You should think of this as if it were a video interview.  No casual clothes; dress like you would if you were meeting someone in person.
  3. Keep it Short.  Do not regurgitate your entire resume.  You want to highlight a few key points about yourself, and what you are looking for in your next role. 
  4. Be Professional. Don’t get carried away with being cheesy.  Think of it almost as video dating.  You want to put your best foot forward.
  5. Get it Posted. People have been using YouTube for any kind of video you can think of—why not to land a job as well?  Once posted on YouTube you could provide the link to the video on your resume.  An even better idea would be to get yourself an account somewhere like visualcv.com where you can incorporate your resume, work samples and video all in one place. 


The key is to get face time with the people that make the hiring decisions. With video viewing, you are bringing the audience to you with a click of a button.



3 Responses to “The Evolution of Video and the Job Search”

  1. Tom Radcliff says:

    Great points, keep it short and figure out three or four unique selling points.
    http://www.yourelevatorpitch.net can shoot video resumes around the country. VisualCV is another source.


  2. Norbert Kósa says:

    I looking for Security jobs! Now I working Dutch Embassy in Kabul!

  3. Nazir says:

    it is V gud, impressive & sugesstive, thanx.

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