How Do You View Your Job: Passion or Pay?

There are two healthy ways to think about a job; you should view it as either your passion or your source of pay to fund your passion.  Viewing your job in one of these ways means that you are better able to maintain an adequate level of job satisfaction. There are two other outlooks, looking for too much and looking for too little, that are not as healthy and tend to lead to low job satisfaction.

1.Work is your passion
If your job is a source of passion or meaning in and of itself, then you put all of your effort into work.  It provides such a source of joy to your life that you do not even think of it as work.  If you find yourself in this category, congratulations!  Since so much of our time is spent working, to do something that you are passionate about provides you with a very healthy mindset and an overall job and life satisfaction. 

2.Source of pay
If your job is not your passion, then hopefully you view it as a source of pay to fund your life’s passions.  Unfortunately we cannot all be independently wealthy, and since not all passions pay well we have to have a source of funding.  You still put great effort into your job because you do not want to lose your funding source. 

3.Looking for too much
Some people try to mix the best of both worlds—trying to find your passion through a job while also using it as a source for funding other passions outside of work.  People who want both never fully realize satisfaction inside or outside of work, and they never end up with either prize.  This is not a healthy approach to work or life.

4.Looking for too little
Finally, if you think long and hard about what you are passionate about and it is not your work and it is not anything outside of work, then your level of satisfaction is most likely very low due to a void or deficiency of interest.  It is important for people to have one or more passions in life.  At some point in time, something was of interest to you; got you excited.  Chances are it is just buried deep inside.  Once you identify your interests then you can evaluate whether or not your job is going to be the source of passion or pay.  
The only path to workplace success and a healthy level of job satisfaction is to either find your meaning there or use the job to fund it elsewhere. Life is too short to be dissatisfied.  The choice is yours.


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