A thaw in the Gulf!

The end of the ice age in the Gulf of Mexico may fast approaching.  At least we can hear the ice cracking a bit.  Of course we are talking about drilling permits BOEMRE has begun to issue.  Yes, progress is slow, but nevertheless the work will continue, albeit at a slower pace.  And that bodes well for those who are interested in career opportunities in the Gulf of Mexico.

What’s happening is that the press and the industry associations are constantly telling us how bad things are and how things are going to get “worse” for the industry.  The generally accepted fear is that there will be a constant barrage of new regulations, procedures, and laws we now have to follow. 

That is true to a point.  What is downplayed in all of this is the resilience of our industry and the expertise which exists to handle new challenges coming down the pike.  This translates well to job opportunities for those who can make a transition into areas such as:

Risk management and mitigation
HSE management and process development
Regulatory experts, advisors and managers
Technical auditing and acceptance
Technical writers

I am not saying that you can turn your resume on its head and declare yourself an expert in any of these fields overnight.  But think and review your career closely for times when you have been involved in these areas in some way.  In the past, you may not have thought to spell out your past experience because you may not have deemed it important to your career at the time. 

Think again.  No matter how difficult regulations may become, and no matter how bleak the situation is being portrayed right now; THE U.S. NEEDS THESE HYDROCARBONS FOR YEARS TO COME!  This industry will do what it knows how to do – it will adjust to the changes and put people to work to get the job done.  And one of them could be you.

Now is the time to read between the lines of doomsday scenarios and see the bright light in your future.  Our practice has seen an increase in offshore activity, and we like to think that you are our next great candidate!

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