Job opportunities soar, according to National Petroleum Council

The “Prudent Development” report released by the National Petroleum Council (NPC) in September could prove a very crucial link to reconciling the various groups of interest in the development of oil and gas resources in the U.S. What makes this report unique is the fact that the U.S. Energy Department requested this report and the open minded participation of experts from the industry, technical associations, and various interest groups.

The results of the report are well thought out and are highlighting opportunities that exist to bring the United States on the path to energy independence. While this cannot be done overnight, the report highlights four conclusions which need to be considered in order to make it happen:

1. A careful evaluation of gas reserves, and especially the gas and oil reserves found in the shale plays, offers much larger reserves than anticipated

2. Oil reserves have also been found to be much larger than believed

3. These wanted reserves could prove to be the bridge while alternative and renewable resources come on line on a more sizeable scale

4. It is understood that that the development and production of these increased reserves has to happen in a manner that is safe and respectful to the environment and to all of us who live in it.

One could say that this is just one report of many we have read before. What makes it unique is the sensible and balanced tone of the report and the variety of participants. Because of the diversity of the contributors, it will be much harder to portray the report as a result of ideological hardliners from one side or the other.

The report further outlines strategies for implementation to bring these additional resources on line for consumption, which include:

1. prudent development

2. understanding of environmental impacts

3. increase in efficiencies and ratings for energy consumption

4. improvement of energy market regulations to manage pricing volatilities in the energy markets.

A major argument will be the support of educational and training programs throughout all industries and participating sectors in our nation’s efforts to develop independence. This may not mean much today, but an industry where formerly disagreeing parties are engaged to achieve one goal will be a powerful provider of job opportunities for many. If this country wants to develop all of its resources, it will have to create the level of expertise in its workforce to achieve all four core strategies.

Now would be a good time to become educated on what this could mean to your and your children’s careers over the next few decades. Exciting times are ahead!

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  1. DANIEL WILSON says:

    I need a job

  2. Debrah says:

    Heck yeah baby-ee keep them coming!

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